Benefits Admin

Benefits enrollment can be one of the most time-consuming parts of human resources. Managing benefits, sending changes to carriers, and walking employees through the process has never been easier with Maverick HCM’s open enrollment platform!

Streamline your benefits enrollment with Maverick HCM!

Set up deductions & benefits plans with reminders for employees to select desired benefits by the appropriate date, and integrate with your payroll platform to simply the process even further!

Cost Comparisons

Compare the cost of different benefits plans side-by-side with our benefits administration module.

Life Change & Events

Walk employees through the process of adding benefit plans and dependents with ease.

Access Anywhere

Allow your employees to enroll no matter where they're located. Home, work, remote- our software does it!

Take the headache out of Benefits Administration… Partner with maverick HCM and integrate your payroll & benefits enrollment with ease!